17 Digital Marketing Blogs 2018 You Should Follow

Digital Marketing has embraced us in many spheres and is today a part and parcel of our lives because everything that we see around us is in the digital format.

Our televisions, smartphones, tablets, billboards, cinemas and even the print media is not excluded because we tend to read them in the digital format.

Whether we are a professional marketer or consumer our lives are intertwined within the digital network hence it would be prudent that we follow it and apprise ourselves.

Doing so we would either be better professional marketers or if we are to follow it as a consumer we would be better equipped to make prudent purchasing decisions.

The ideal platform to keep abreast of the digital marketing world would be to read blogs on the subject which would provide us very balanced and comprehensive information.

We have selected 17 of the best digital marketing blogs of 2018 which we all may be better advised to follow so that we are up to date with this fast changing marketing platform.

1. QuickSprout:


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The brainchild of Neil Patel, a webpreneur who has been successful in the industry with two large Software as a Service (SAAS) companies, KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg under his belt.

The blog is well designed and the layout is combined with attractive typography and subtle color combinations.

He shares his knowledge of the digital marketing platform in gay abundance and replies all emails directed to him quite promptly.

URL:  http://www.quicksprout.com/blog/

2. Seth Godin:



The name should be quite familiar with those who read digital marketing blogs regularly and he is a digital marketing professional with experience in all related areas.

His blog was launched in 2002 when blogging was in its infancy and his knowledge on the subject is quite wide and comprehensive and of that there s no doubt.

3. Hubspot



Contributions to this blog flows from various industry experts. Ideal for those who want to search avenues to bring traffic to their website, initiate conversions and widen their customer base.

Bloggers, marketers and consumers alike could learn from diverse angles of thought because there are many professionals who contribute valuable content.

URL: http://www.hubspot.com/



This is a software to determine visitor behavior, especially where they would land on your website and to visualize what they would do and how whilst they are there.

The other half which is the blog would contribute conversion optimization, web design and other detailed information on digital marketing with high quality content.

URL: http://blog.crazyegg.com/

5. Buffer


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Contributions from Leo Widrich and Joel Gascoigne who write prolifically on digital marketing and social media platforms to help those who would like to acclimatize themselves on the subjects.

They have designed superlative software which help blogger, digital marketers and all those who are interested to brush up their knowledge on these ever changing subjects.

URL: https://blog.bufferapp.com/

 6.Social Media Examiner


This is recommended by many as the ONLY blog for its best digital marketing information and insights, with focus also on the many social media on the digital platform.

There is a host of quality content from many professionals who keep their updated knowledge on the digital platform sharing it all who would like to read them.

URL:  http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/

7. The Sales Lion


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This is managed by a very versatile character, known well in the digital marketing circles and one who has extensive experience and knowledge on the subject.

The blog is very popular especially on the Internet marketing platform with very good interaction with those who would ask questions which would be diligently answered.

URL: http://www.thesaleslion.com/

8. KISSmetrics


Comprehensively covers a host of important subject areas on the digital marketing platform, such as analytics, marketing and testing.

This is a very popular digital marketing blog with millions reading it and is managed by

the versatile Neil Patel, which is able to analyze website visitors based on analytics.

URL:  https://blog.kissmetrics.com/

9. Copyblogger


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Copywriting and marketing since January 2006 which s the brainchild of an experienced and well-versed personality Brian Clark who has been around long enough to help those who are new.

Those who are contemplating of improving their copy and content writing skills it is here that they should be looking for there are ample to learn and assimilate.

URL: http://www.copyblogger.com/blog/

10. Duct Tape Marketing


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This is the ideal place for those planning to start a small blog business, because you could get all information as how you should begin.

A ton of advice is offered and you could pick up what would suit you on your way to success.

URL:  http://www.ducttapemarketing.com/

11. MarketingProfs


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The best place to learn the tips in digital marketing from the experts who contribute for the benefit of other bloggers and marketers.

Contribute to receive emails and you would get regular updates including podcasts, videos, online seminars, articles and other resources.

URL: http://www.marketingprofs.com/

12. NeilPatel.com


This blog is also managed by the effervescent Neil Patel, who is credited with immense knowledge in the digital marketing platform.

His exuberant personality coupled with his desire to share everything he has acquired with others makes him a cut above the others and this is one place where there is an abundance of knowledge.

URL:  http://neilpatel.com/

13. ShoeMoney


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The oldest kid on the block which was launched in 2004 and managed by Jeremy Schoemaker, whose knowledge of the Internet is second to none.

URL:  http://www.shoemoney.com/

14. Convince And Convert


Combines content marketing and social media strategy and if that is your kettle of fish then this is where you should be.

URL: http://www.convinceandconvert.com/

15. Smart Passive Income


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Make money online by employing email lists, then use the information that you find here it s all there.

This blog launched in 2008 by Pat Flynn very popular with income reports that are shared by him monthly.

URL:  http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/

16. Entrepreneurs Journey


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This blog is around since it was launched in 2005 for those looking for success online and it is to primarily help those who look for it to learn the tricks of the trade of blogging.

URL:  http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/

17. Top Rank Marketing

Managed by Lee Odden and Susan Misukanis and s considered as the top draw among all digital marketing blogs.

The blog shares information of SEO and social media behavior which could be used to bring results to small businesses.

URL: https://www.toprankmarketing.com/newsroom