9 Secret To Creating A High Converting Lead Magnet with Example

For any commercial project, money is and always will be the ultimate goal. This is what business wants, this is what all website owners, optimizers, marketers want. All who know what effectiveness is. The main thing, of course, is profit.

There are a lot of possible ways to attract the new customers through the site, and it is important to correctly identify intermediate goals and build the sales funnels based on those goals.

In the article, we are going to tell you more about the lead magnet which is one of the most effective ways to attract the new people as the buyers. We will review the following:

  • what is a lead magnet and why it is important
  • the ways to make your lead magnet effective
  • steps to creating powerful lead magnet
  • 9 secrets to creating the high converting lead magnet.

What is a lead magnet and why it is important ?


Lead Magnet is an incentive that marketers offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email address, or other contact information.

So, the lead magnet is a kind of free offer for the consumer, which he can get by taking some action. The scheme of the advertising tool is simple: you offer the consumer a lead magnet, and he tells you his contact details.

Usually, online stores use this marketing strategy, offering a discount or share on the goods in exchange for contact information (phone number or email). After sending personal information, the user will automatically become a potential buyer and will get into the contact base. Applying to get a nice bonus, he shows his interest in the products and readiness for purchase. Soon after the subscription, you will be able to send him various purchase offers related to the interested product.

Usually, this type of marketing advertising is a pop-up window with several elements: an image, a text message, mostly, very short and specific. Also, it contains special fields where you need to enter a name and your data. However, the main argument for the client is the semantic message of information and the way it is submitted.

In order the online store owner could use the effective text content, you should pay attention to the appropriate “reasons” for offering a lead magnet to the user:

  • new promotion for a limited number of clients
  • closed sale
  • reducing the cost of the products the customer is interested in
  • discount for the first purchase
  • getting bonuses for further shopping in this store
  • coupon for free shipping
  • gift
  • inviting the user to get the VIP status

This is not the entire list of offers that can be offered in exchange for a customer subscription. It all depends on the capabilities of the store owner.

Think about whom you are working for. You always work and will work for your audience. It is your audience that needs to know who you are, what you do, what you offer and which of your offers can be useful. It is important to you that every person from your target audience knows more facts about you. And what’s more, it’s important for you that this audience comes back to you no matter whether constantly or periodically. Return buyers are very important.

For the audience, the use of lead magnets is an opportunity:

  • to understand the benefits of the product that you offer;
  • to understand your message and become loyal;
  • to become a return customer.

For the project this is an opportunity:

  • to build your user base, which you will work with in the future;
  • to declare the quality of the product;
  • to sell a product or service.

The ways to make your lead magnet effective


In order this tool could be maximally effective, you need to consider the following points:

  • A lead magnet must be of great value to your potential customer. Do not try to give a person what you have and what you do not need much. Offer something really useful and high quality! The lead magnet will work when a person can get a right solution here and now.
  • It should be free. Do not hide any additional payments.
  • The lead magnet must be received by the client immediately. Few people want to wait for their bonus, so, provide a bonus to your client immediately, in order her could use or study it.
  • The received information can be used immediately. Try to make the lead-magnet practical, understandable, simple and quick to learn. If this is difficult, then all your work on the lead-magnet will go wrong. For example, a book of 100 sheets is unlikely to be read in 30-40 minutes. Take into account not only the quality of the material but also its volume! Your client wants to solve the problem here and now, without delaying tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and your lead magnet should give him that opportunity. Then the person will not cool down, and you can continue working.
  • You can quickly get the result. The lead magnet must be effective not only for you but also for the client. Help your client to apply the received information and get the result quickly enough. Then he will understand: what you are giving or doing really works!
  • One lead magnet must solve one particular problem. Do not try to give as much as possible! Offer one professional solution, but for the most painful problem. Thus, you will definitely get a ready-to-buy customer.
  • The lead magnet must work with wow effect. It is necessary to make the offered material provide the client a greater result than he expected!
  • The lead magnet must move the person to the next stage of the sales funnel. Many give a lead magnet, just to get a contact. But this tool will help you if not to close the deal, but hold the client for the next step. You will make a big mistake if you stop at the stage of sending the lead magnet and hope for a series of selling letters, which in fact your subscriber or buyer does not need! He left a contact just to see your lead magnet, and as soon as possible, he will unsubscribe from you as soon as he gets what he needs. Therefore, remember: no matter how interesting and quality your newsletter was, but with every letter, it will be opened less often, and the client will be less interested.

Steps to create a powerful lead magnet


Step 1 — what I’m selling

  • Identify your product or service.
  • Form an offer, its cost, additional services, ways of delivering the goods or services.
  • Form the unique sales offer, determine in which niche you will position your product.

For example: “Increase the conversion for online service (SaaS) and online store from analytics to implementation with a guarantee of results and 100% satisfaction.”

Step 2 — whom I sell

  • Portraits/characters/people.
  • Needs and tasks.

At this stage, you already understand that you cannot look at the lead magnet from the position “I’ll give what I don’t need”. It must be developed for each specific audience.

Understanding the needs and tasks of a target audience, you can easily offer a quality solution that is definitely interesting to the client.

The best magnet will be either the instruction “how to do something in 15 minutes”, or a set of cases.

You also imagine your client’s portrait and understand who you want to work with.

Step 3 — communication

Usually, the funnel is thought of like this: a person came to the site → became interested → performed the action (we got a lead).

But it is important to ask yourself: why did the person come to us? What did he expect to get?

Separate the 6 main stages that the client passes before he is ready to buy:

  1. Problem’s manifestation.
  2. Understanding the problem.
  3. Search for a solution method.
  4. Finding a solution provider.
  5. Confidence.
  6. Purchase.

Each level will have different subscription/selling page as well as the lead magnet itself.

Subscription pages often work on the levels 1-4, landing pages — on 4–6.

Step 4 — the consumer task

At this step, one must understand that people move from one stage to another in different ways.

At stage 1–2, the person is moved by understanding that he has a problem (“My watch broke down”).

At stage 3–4, he wants to solve it, looking for solutions (how/where to fix the watch).

At stage 5–6, he is ready to choose a solution provider and purchase/order (repair the clock in this workshop in 1 hour).

So, in the last stages, it is important to encourage the client to take actions to make him confident in the next step! An excellent example is the car sale with a preliminary test drive.

Step 5 — how I solve the problem

You explain why that is so good to work with you. For example:

  • It’s valuable and free. Your target customer will receive valuable information and save a lot of time.
  • It’s remotely and simple. Your client will not have to go to the presentation, communicate with managers, etc. He will immediately make a choice.
  • It’s fast. He will be emailed almost immediately.
  • Work with WOW-effect. For example, you can promise only cases, and along with case studies you also send “how-to” letters so that your client can do it himself.
  • Further promotion. Offer the customer something interesting.

Step 6 — how it looks like

  • Copywriting — to make it clear and easy writing.
  • Design — looks very attractive.
  • Psychological things like “anchoring”, deadlines or limitations — to motivate more actively.

What is the 9 secrets to creating the high converting lead magnet ?


Secret in Lead Magnet

1.Manuals, reports


impactbnd.com Book Lead Magent
impactbnd.com Book Lead Magent

Reports and manuals are one of the most common types of lead magnets. But it’s important not to carry off. And do not turn your manual into a huge boring text canvas. This will not exactly make your subscribers the clients.

2 Cheat Sheet/Check List


Optinmonster Sheet Cheat Lead Magnet

This is a great solution! They work well and are quickly created.

What is the difference between such a lead magnet and a manual or report? As a rule, a magnet of this type is one page long and considers a very narrow question. You can create such a magnet in the form:

  • check-list
  • mind map
  • drawing
  • or another short point aid.

This type of lead magnet is usually aimed at both collecting the subscriber base and closing the sale deal. It takes a week or two to perform and configure it.

The most important thing is correct, systemic and accurate content that brings benefit to everyone. If you give recommendations, give those that exactly work (checked by you personally), if the checklist, do not miss either the slightest detail.

This type of magnet is usually used in emails, either as a series of automatic letters or as a tool that launches a series of automatic letters. In any case, this is the information that gives a sales start.

3. Training video course


Leadpage Webinar Lead Magnet
Leadpage Webinar Lead Magnet

Why is the video is so popular as a lead magnet? It’s because it is easy to perceive. Many people are quite lazy and do not want to waste time on reading. Therefore, video instructions always work. Plus, this magnet has one more advantage — it allows your subscribers to get to know you, which means, they trust you more.

4. Toolkit


Photography Toolkit Lead Magnet
Photography Toolkit Lead Magnet

If people want to learn something that you are already an expert in, they are likely to be very interested in knowing what tools you use.

It does not matter what it is: software, hardware, applications … anything. Just write the material where you tell in details about your tools and those things that help you the most in your activity. And people will gladly give you their email in exchange for such valuable information.

After all, it allows them not to look for everything themselves, but also gives an understanding of how to work with these tools.

5. Discount/free shipping


Ecommese Lead Magnet Source: https://wisepops.com/2016/05/18/how-ecommerce-lead-magnets-work/

It’s no secret that the word “discount” or “free” play a vital role in making your business attractive for customers. So, make them enjoy! Such a lead magnet will expand your subscription base. Here are some examples:

  • One men’s shoe store offers the visitors to leave an email and get a discount on an excellent pair of shoes.
  • One fashion store offers a discount with additional service. And whether the customer will return depends entirely on the well-coordinated work including product quality, timely delivery, warranty, accurate consultations and so on.
  • Another shop gives the following: “You will receive a gift when buying any goods from the store.” Someone will ignore this information, and someone (more targeted) will make a conversion (purchase) and receive a small prize.

6. Quiz/Survey


Survey Monkey Quiz For Lead Magnet
Survey Monkey Quiz For Lead Magnet

A test or survey with emailed results can be a very good way to attract new subscribers.

But it is important to take into account: very few people will be ready to participate in the survey and leave the email. Therefore, position your survey or quiz as a game or interactive entertaining.

For example, one online clothing store offers to fill your standards in a special form and leave your email. On the next visit, the site selects clothes according to your standards and emails interesting information for you. Not bad, right?

7. Workbooks


Example Worksheet Templates
Example Worksheet Templates


As well as the template, the workbook implies practical training, that is why it is also a wonderful lead magnet. In fact, this is the same as a real workbook or training manual, which students are usually given on the first day of training, and where they perform assignments throughout the course.

And unlike check-lists and cheat sheets that do not motivate practical work and parallel training properly, workbooks encourage the newcomers to work better.

Although, on the other hand, some visitors will be lazy to deal with tasks from this workbook, they may be interested in your check-lists. The exception is users want to learn something seriously. And after all, such people are most often converted into buyers and pay for your product. So think carefully about which category is preferable for you.

8. Books


Dotcom Secret Book Lead Magnet
Dotcom Secret Book Lead Magnet

Books, one of the most popular types of a lead magnet to increase your target user base. When developing such a lead magnet as a book, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • ALWAYS know the needs and the “pains” of those for whom you write (for this you can preliminary poll on the existing database using Google tools, ask in social networks, see the popular questions on thematic forums).
  • ALWAYS provide really useful and necessary information that will not only tell about what advantages you have and what you can offer but will give tips, tools, help, and answers to questions from users who will read it.
  • ALWAYS make a high-quality layout, cover, and presentation in general, because if this is a book, it should look like a book, even if it’s free. This is your image, remember.

One magnet release takes, as a rule, 1 to 3 months.


Sets give a tremendous conversion rate. In fact, the sets are several lead-magnets that could be offered separately, but together they give some specific result.

For example, you can include some series of checklists for blog post + ready template + step-by-step instruction: thus one complements the other and the user gets the final result.


We reviewed the best steps and top secrets how to make the best converting lead magnet. Which of them is the most effective, in your opinion?

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