7 Best Heatmap Analytic Tools to Focus on 2018

Heatmap on website Focus on what matters now

Night vision was introduced way back even before the Second World War (WWII), and was used during that war but got off ground on a commercial basis just a few decades ago.

To see in the dark revolutionized warfare and once it was possible to use small Night Vision Devices (NVDs) or goggles for individual soldiers, war never became the same again.

The same concept has now been introduced to the highly competitive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) battlefield which is the newest war that is being fought by professional marketers.

The SEO war has escalated to dizzying heights and it has become imperative that instead of groping in the dark marketers know what is happening out there on the battlefield.

If they know what is happening and what the trend is they could map their strategies and be ready for whatever if thrown by the completion.

If not, they would not be aware till the carpet is swept under their feet to fall with a big thump and a smashed up back.

This is where Heatmap tools have revolutionized and transformed the SEO battlefield by showing marketers what they would not otherwise see.

Heatmap tools would show them precisely:

  • The sites that users click
  • How long they would remain on your website
  • How users would use your website

Once you have detailed information as to how those who land on your page behave, you would be able to make the necessary changes and initiate new strategies, to engage with you.

This information would enable marketers to find ways to increase optimization of their website in a positive and productive way.

There are many Heatmap tools that could be employed to get the information that you would need and we find below the seven best ones, of which you could choose one:

#1. Crazy Egg

Over 220,000 websites use Crazy Egg
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Would provide information as to where users come from, how they engage, where they would click and where not also how far they would scroll down on your page then stop.

  • Pros

*. Pricing according to traffic

*. User scroll down

*. Shows site clicks, searches and referrals

*. Gauge their interest and make adjustments

  • Cons

*. Interface is complicated

*. Premium packages only supported on mobiles

*. May not be always accurate

  • Conclusion

*. Free 30 days trial is an advantage.

*. The starting price in a single digit

*. Wildly used on the WordPress platform.

*. Achieves 88% tracking accuracy

#2. Clicky

Clicky monitor, analyze, and react to their traffic in real time.


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Enables to monitor, analyze and react to website traffic whilst live and would also provide detailed visitor segments on a page by page basis. Comprehensive information in the areas it could operate.


  • Pros

*. Heatmap information on a page by page basis

*. Monitoring specific goals and activities of users

*. Calculation on visitor clicks

*. Customizable and simple interface

*. Using third party service and video tracking using API

*. Website is real time monitored

  • Cons

*. Slow in retrieving data

*. Only premium packages are supported on mobile

*. Accurate data may not be available

  • Conclusion

*. A 30 day free trial

*. Starting price would be in single digit

*. No footprints

*. Others would not see

*. Daily email reports


#3. ClickTale

Mouse Move Heatmap See what leads your customers to success.
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Does many things, customer behavior tracked, conversion rate could be increased, conversion funnels, obtain analytics, playback sessions, insights on digital platforms.


  • Pros

*. Mouse movements of visitors recorded

*. Analysis available is in-depth

*. Interacts with other analytical tools

*. Mobile user clicks recorded

  • Cons

*. Information held close to their chests

*. Information available only through representative

*. Minimum 500K, page views per month to enable usage

*. The analytics could be flawed

  • Conclusion

*. Cards held close to their chest

*. Information only from company representative

*. In-depth Heatmap analytical tool


#4. Lucky Orange

Watch in real-time as users toggle menus, open popups, and move through the steps of a form.
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This provides historical information about keywords, locations, referrers, tweets and a host of other statistics.

The behavior of your website and statistics as to why the conversion rates are low, including most other user information that would help you analyze your site.

  • Pros

*. Pricing related to quantum of statistics supplied

*. Complete Heatmap data and unlimited site recording

*. Interface is easy to use

*. Easy to set up accurate data available

*. Mobile user’s clicks are recorded

  • Cons

*. Loads of data

*. Difficult to analyze

  • Conclusion

*. The subscription s only for 7 days

*. Starting price in double digits

*. Live chat software

#5. Mouseflow

Mouseflow is the tool for serious marketers.
It lets you understand visitors and take action like never before
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This software tracks the movement of the mouse when user is online and provides a recording about the users actions similar to a CCTV.

User scrolls, forms and everything else is recorded for retrieving.

  • Pros

*. User is video recorded

*. Analytics supplied in form

*. Would show behavior of traffic on your page

  • Cons

*. Slow data retrieval

*. Only premium packages supported on mobile

*. Data not accurate

*. Expensive than others

  • Conclusion

*. 100 recorded sessions free.

*. This is for single site

*. E-commerce tracking possible

*. Visitor keystrokes recorded

#6. SessionCam

Heatmaps offer an intuitive way to review user experience data, revealing navigation actions at a glance
Heatmaps offer an intuitive way to review user experience data, revealing navigation actions at a glance
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Customer interaction is recorded and analyzes the potential barriers for a possible conversion.

It is equipped with special screen recording technology which others may not have to offer.

  • Pros

*. Forms not submitted but filled are recorded

*. User interests are well presented

*. Good support team

*. Signup without credit card

  • Cons

*. Third part tools not recorded

*. Accurate data not available

  • Conclusion

*. 500 pages of free recording every month

*. Select user tracking reports

#7. Ptengine

Generate Amazing Online Customer Experiences and Revenue Ptengine is the Scalable Way to Find Gaps in Your Website’s Visitor Experiences and Optimize Digital Marketing Tactics to Win More Customers
Generate Amazing Online Customer Experiences and Revenue Ptengine is the Scalable Way to Find Gaps in Your Website’s Visitor Experiences and Optimize Digital Marketing Tactics to Win More Customers
  • Review

Discreet tracking, with Heatmap analytics in a one line code and allows in-depth analytics and data to be made available.

  • Pros

*. Tracking components 8, discreet

*. Filtering analytics well

*. Special features galore

  • Cons

*. Some advantages offered could be expensive

*. Accurate data not available

  • Conclusion

*. Price expensive with a limited free plan

*. Multiple device monitoring

*. Monitors campaigns

*. Real time analytics