17 Best Eye Catchy Email Subject Lines Styles to Increase Your Open Rates for Email Marketing for Idea Generator

Email Headline That Boost Open Rates

Email marketing strategies are today aggressively pursued by digital marketing professionals who have taken to it just like ducks taking to water.

There is no doubt that email marketing is a very cost effective and efficient mode of getting our marketing messages right to the palm of our prospective customers.

It is imperative that we use the email marketing platform prudently to ensure that our emails are opened and read by those who receive them.

If they don’t then the time, money and resources spent on the email marketing campaign would have all been in vain and also a golden opportunity lost.

Hence our primary objective should be to find the right strategies to ensure that the email receiver opens his mail and reads what’s on the email.

That could be quite a proposition as you would have to draw his attention at that split second that he opens to check his mail, browses through and see’s your email.

The catchy subject line blinks line a beacon and he stops and takes the time to read your marketing email and clicks on it.

You would have won the day and all your efforts would have borne fruit but how do you get there and what makes the customer stop and read.

It is the catchy subject line and nothing else and if you could get it always right the chances are that the prospective customer would always stop to read.

The subject line on the email could be the crucial factor between success and failure between a prospective customer reading and not an email received by him or her.

We list below possible eye catching subject lines that you could incorporate into your email marketing campaign to increase visibility.

It would still be a gamble and sometimes you would need to personalize if possible.

Best 17 Eye Catching Email Subject Lines for Email Marketing


#1. “Mr. Peter Brown” suggested I write to you

Referrals are a great way to contact someone and they are sure to relent and give you a hearing, so do some research and if your customer knows Mr. Peter Brown use it.

#2. What do we do next?

If initial contact has been made but customer is silent then use this line to find out how to proceed, this should rekindle the issue again, and provide you a window of opportunity again.

#3. Do not open this mail!

Reverse psychology which we would generally try out with our kid who could be incorrigible sometimes and doing just the opposite of what we would say. This could work!

#4. Three important options to begin

To the subject line add three bullet points in the body of the email about some special offers that you could extend a i) discount ii) a free delivery iii) easy payment etc.

#5. Hi! Mr. Arthur Williams

A personalized address could draw a response, because there would be inquisitiveness on the part of the email receiver as to how you would know him by name.

#6. Should I continue or stop?

If repeated emails are being unanswered try this subject line because it could provoke a response but you would have to write a well crafted body which would initiate the response.

#7. Your company needs a “Generator”!

If you are selling generators and know they have an old one that needs to be replaced try this subject line because they would be doing inquiries on procuring one.

(Something on similar lines provided you have done your homework).

#8. Have you found what you were looking for?

Your prior information on what they need would hold you in good stead when you take this subject line and with email coming in, it could tickle an interest.

#9. We can help!

ABH (Always Be Helpful), this is what good sales persons would do and by doing so the customer would come to depend on you to help out, this subject line could click an interest if they are desperate for help.

#10. A US $ 1,000/-, Discount on your Generator!

Like in above subject line (07), they need a generator and you know it and you have one for sale that fits their requirement, throwing a benefit is sure to draw a response.

#11. What happened to the Love?

If the customer has gone into hibernation and not responding try this subject line with a little fun to poke him into responding, there could be a response to this line if he is a humorous guy.

#12. You are not Alone!

You may know that the customer s finding it an arduous task to arrive at a decision (may be to buy a generator) offer some advise as to how he could proceed to his benefit.

This should tickle a response as you are trying to help!

#13. Permission to retreat!

This is a last resort break up mail after you have had a contact and subsequent contacts but customer has gone silent, hence this could be a chance to know what the present situation is.

#14. Information to find the best Generator!

He is confused as to how he is going to make that crucial decision on how he would buy that all important generator, provide enough unbiased information before him.

#15. I found you through Mr. Peter Brown!

Peter Brown s his friend whom you know hence using this subject line could jolt him to read your email, just to know what Peter Brown has told you about him.

#16. We can find a Generator together!

You know he s looking for a generator, and is confused with the problem of making a decision, hence try this subject line, it is very likely that he could click to see how, you could help.

#17. 3 great ideas for you this weekend

(You are still trying to sell him a generator), Try this subject line he would click because he wants to get away this weekend hence will open you email which would be a crafty way of getting his attention.