7 B2b Lead Gen Landing Pages Tactics For Dental Industry

Dentist Landing Page Never be The Same

Like every business enterprise having an online presence, dentists too would need to take their professional expertise to their patients everywhere.

Dentists too have the same competitiveness among them like any other healthy enterprises anywhere and would need to employ digital marketing techniques to stay in front.

Once anybody opts to get online to procure business it becomes imperative that they follow some of the accepted digital marketing strategies and by innovating new ones.

It is only if they could get to the top of their game, stay there and survive any onslaught from the competition could they hold their own in their competitive field too.

Towards this end they would need to ensure that their online presence is superlative, by designing and maintaining an aggressive website with high search engine optimization.

They would also need to ensure that they have a landing page which would complement their activities by projecting a unique concept to enjoy positive engagements.

We look at seven positive B2b lead generating tactics for landing pages which they could adopt to achieve excellent and positive results:

#1. Clear, precise and understandable message header



The landing page should have a heading that would attract and draw attention and take the message across to the potential visitors for a conversion.

It should not be too long and spread out in context but limited to a few words which should take the message loud and clear without any reservations held back.

The message heading should be prominently displayed on the landing page which would immediately be visible to the visitor and draw his attention.

The message in the heading should be precise, clear and easily understandable by the visitor hence it should be in very simple language.

#2. Ensure you make an offer or provide a reward, preferably FREE!


Reward or Lead Magnet

Getting a visitor to your landing page is an achievement and once he is there it becomes imperative that you get him to engage with you, by creating the right environment.

You could make an offer, preferably a free consultation, or something similar which would be needed by the visitor because that is the reason that he is on your landing page.

The visitor would have been interested in something to do with dentistry and that would have brought him onto your landing page.

This provides you the opportunity to offer him what he wants by asking him to click on the CTA button and engage with you.


#3. Videos are convincing visuals


If you’ve ever thought about how powerful video sales letters are, how much more of an increase you can expect to see over long copy sales letters,

Text and images are good but are slowly declining in popularity hence if you could pull a rabbit out of a hat it could change your business.

So get a good short video not too long giving everything into it which would say a thousand words.

Videos are the craze today and it is accepted universally that it is a better form of getting a message across than using text or images.

Coupling text, images and video would definitely bring a better response from any visitor as he would be able to positively assimilate all what he has to within a short time.


#4. Build and maintain trust


When you position yourself as the trusted advisor to your target market, they will come to you when they have problems they know you can solve

Trust is primary in any business and it is only when there is that very important element in human behavior would any business transaction be successful.

It s only when trust is forged that any business could be sustained or t would be just a splash in the pan and it would fizzle off.

Create and plan a strategy which would enhance trust which needs to be built upon and maintained at all costs.

Visitors coming onto your landing page would look at how you would project trust to them and how you would go about it as they would always consider it important.

#5. Quick CTA – Call to Action


What is the best call to action button example you’ve seen?

Every landing page would need a Call to Action (CTA) button and that too should be well placed on the page and prominently displayed.

The CTA could be with a special offer of something you would be able and afford to dole out when they engage at that time with you.

This is the most important action that should be forthcoming from the visitor who would come onto your landing page.

The decision to engage is generally a spontaneous one and that is not a purchase but a initiative to engage for further mutual action.

It is imperative that the landing page has a Call to Action (CTA) button so that the visitor could be provided the onus to engage immediately.

The business whose visitor engages with them is given the opportunity to follow and that is what we call lead generating.

#6. Remove unwanted navigation to other links


Remove unwanted link

Once a visitor is on your landing page let him not go anywhere but remain with you and give him the incentive to engage.

His concentration should not be disturbed by permitting him to move over to other websites that would be linked to yours.

Once your visitor is on your landing page ensure that his total focus is on you and don’t permit him to become confused with other links.

Keep him as long as you can on your website and if he wants any more information let him browse through your website but don’t let him go anywhere.

#7. Thank those who visit and those who engaged.


If the visitor engages with you let him know that you appreciate it and would diligently serve him.

Drop a thank you clip when hoe clicks on the CTA button and you could call upon him to introduce upon to a friend or even others.

This could be a gesture to rope in the visitor’s friends and others who could be potential visitors to your site and possibly engage with you.

You would need to keep your wits about you to ensure that you monitor the progress on your website and the effectiveness of your landing page regularly.