13 Lead Capture Pages Email Autoresponder Series to Keep Your Leads Hot

To be successful in any business you need to have leads and those leads need to be converted to customers who would engage with you and then conclude a sale for mutual benefit.

The digital marketing platform has expanded into many auxiliary branches and lead capture pages or landing pages have become an important factor in this whole gamut.

It s the lead capture pages or also called landing pages that are the first line of offensive in the digital marketing battlefield where a search engine request for a product or service brings visitors onto a website.

Invariably the search ends on the lead capture or landing page and from there it is how you would manage your website that would determine the outcome thereafter.

The visitor could click on the Call To Action (CTA) and engage with you or scroll down looking for someone else, on the same screen or on another.

Whatever the outcome his click would leave his name, email contact, address, phone number, company name etc, on our lead capture or landing page for us to respond to him.

If we have a standard reply on our landing page with an autoresponder an immediate reply would be sent to the visitor who is now a lead, till we get back with a detailed response.

From there onwards the visitor who became a lead would become a customer when he buys a product or service from us.

To bring the visitor to a lead would need our landing page to be impressive beyond words and should have what it takes for the visitor to initiate that all important click on our CTA button.

There are many lead capture pages and autoresponders which are designed with the specific idea of ensuring that very visitor who comes onto your lead capture or landing page would engage with you.

We list below the 13 of the best lead capture pages,

1. Salesforce

This lead capture page is quite a simple presentation with no clutter of words and images on the screen, providing a benefit and the inevitable Call To Action with more details asked for.

The bottom of the screen provides a security assurance to those who are called upon to engage which is a good initiative.

2. HubSpot

Hubspot Lead Capture Pop UP

The Free Tips stand out tall as it is a human trait, to engage when anything is given free even when the recipients could afford it, hence this gives that impetus to the visitor.

The page may be giving too much of information which would very likely go unread.

3. Digital Marketer

Digital marketer Lead Capture

Good bold presentation with a very prominent Headline that attracts attention with the Call To Action (CTA) additionally shown with an arrow as the most important factor on the lead page.

The page may be subject to much clutter which could have been avoided and kept much simpler.

4. Tableau

Tableau Desktop Free 14-day Trial Lead Capture Page

There is not one CTA but a multiple which would give choices to engage which is ideal and the page if splashed in blue which adds color but the text could have been kept to a minimum.

Some big names at the bottom give good credentials and support.

5. WalkMe

Image result for WalkMe capture page screenshot

The headline is good and is providing a benefit with a list of authentic clients and awards which give credence and a sense of status to the page.

The Free offer and the Call To Action is quite prominent for visitors to engage with the button well highlighted in a bright color.

6. Traffic & Funnels

Image result for Traffic & Funnels capture page screenshot

The big colored and prominent Call To action cannot be missed even if you are blind and forces the visitor to engage, with most of the other information quite relevant.

The first word on the page is Free and that s definitely going to catch anybody’s attention.

7. Likeable Local

The Free giveaway definitely stands put and is the center of attraction on the lead capture page which is also very forceful in its offer.

It implies that it is Free and available, just grab your copy and no questions asked and the page is informative to the point.

8. Zillow Premier Agent

Premier Agent program Lead Capture

The splash of blue is a good color to get attention stands out with an uncluttered set of messages which supports the prominent headline and what it wants to convey.

The CTA could have been more presentable but the terms of the offer for anyone to read is well presented at the button.

9. iPro Academy

Ipro Academy Lead Capture with Free Report

The CTA is quite prominent and you would be offered information which otherwise you would not be party to just by downloading the stuff.

Confidence that the information that is provided is safe is given at the bottom after the CTA button, with the page very simple and devoid of any clutter.

10. Yellow Pages Marketing Solutions

YP Lead Capture for Business Listing

The word Free is liberally used which is definitely going to bring about a positive response from the visitor and with the Call To Action also very prominent in a bright color.

A very clean page with minimum text and with the headline itself depicting the Free, offer it is a good lead capture page.

11. Perkville

Demo Lead Capture for referral and rewards program

A very neat and clear lead capture page with no clutter and the CTA button is brightly colored and the bulleted points conveys the points very precisely.

One very prominent flaw could be that the picture, text and message does not match.

12. Workable

Workable is all-in-one recruiting software lead capture to demo page

The word Free is liberally served but they are in small print which does not go well as it is too discreet, but other than that the bulleted text with the Free trial period is a seller.

The CTA is quite discreet too which would have been better served if it was loud.


13. Litmus

Sign up for lead capture on litmus


It is one of the best lead capture pages as it is precise and to the point with just the message in clear language with no beating around the bush.

The CTA could have been a bit more brighter to force a response.