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The main goal of any business is to get as many sales as possible. We are sure you understand the importance of having the more customers. But to achieve that, you must fell and understand your target audience, and give it what it wants and in a way it wants. To achieve the better results, the good option is to build a sales funnel.

Building the automated sales funnel is not an easy process and very often it requires a lot of time and efforts, as well as specific knowledge. Are there any tools to automate the process? In this article, we will give more details about the sales funnel itself, tell about the major steps to build a sales funnel for your business and review 7 best tools to automate the process of sales funnel building.

Sale Funnel For Business
can automate your marketing and help you scale your income on autopilot

Let get start , What is Sales Funnel ?

The sales funnel is the way that buyers pass from recognition of the product to its purchase. In marketing, there is a model of consumer behavior called AIDA, which describes the sequence of human reactions before making a purchase:

  • Attention — the consumer learns about the new product through advertising, recommendations from other people, social networks or in any other way.
  • Interest — after getting to know a new product or service, the consumer has a conscious interest in the product.
  • Desire — at this stage, interest in the product becomes a desire to own it.
  • Action — the desire to grow into an active action, that is, the decision to buy and the very fact of purchase.

All these reactions most often are the stages of the sales funnel creation process.

Why do we need a sales funnel and how to work with it? The sales funnel is an excellent marketing planning tool.

Using the sales funnel, you can make such useful conclusions:

  1. How many visitors you need in general in order to make the necessary number of sales.
  2. How many clients/users drop out at each stage of the funnel and which part goes to the next stage. This will help to understand exactly where the weak points of your business are.

It is important to understand that at the first stage of the funnel, the number of prospective buyers reaches its peak, but at each following stage, they are becoming less. That is, at each subsequent stage you will have fewer visitors than at the previous one. And if you want to increase the number of actual buyers, then you need to work hard at those stages of the funnel where you lose the greatest number of people.

For online stores or other online services, the sales funnel is the path that the user passes from a visit to your site (“Visitor” status) to purchasing your product (“Buyer” status). In this case, the sales funnel looks like this:

  • Visiting a website — all visitors to your site.
  • Product search and evaluation — registered users, as well as those who viewed products and services.
  • Adding a product to the shopping cart — users who have selected the product and added it to the shopping cart.
  • Ordering — users who have chosen payment and delivery conditions.
  • Purchase — users who paid for the goods.

Major stages to build an automated sales funnel system.


Stage 1. Working with the offer

This is the preparatory stage where you work on your product and service as much as possible and formulate your unique trade proposal.

In your offer, you should clearly state what exactly you are offering, what benefits the buyer will receive and how you differ from competitors.

When your offer (product or service) is ready, you can proceed to direct actions and stage-by-stage to build a sales funnel.

Step 2. Getting cold contacts

Cold contact is a term that indicates the potential range of potential customers.

This concept is often attributed specifically to network marketing, but it is quite correct to apply it to trading in general. Profits depend on the number of cold contacts: the wider the range of potential buyers, the greater the chance to get a deal.

Getting contacts is also a science, as well as competent work with an offer.

If you attract customers through direct human contact (direct sales), to get “cold” customers, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • seller’s communication style;
  • literacy of speech;
  • gestures and facial expressions;
  • ways of acquaintance.

The methods of real communication can be transferred to the Internet space: if you are able to establish relationships in real life, then it will be even easier for you on the Internet.

A real smile, of course, will not be replaced by emoticons, but the general style of negotiating or building a presentation on the site should always be easy.

Step 3. Forming the interest to the offer

This is a necessary stage to improve the conversion. Involving users in the conversion funnel in Internet trading is a new area of marketing that has been sufficiently studied.

The network constantly creates and implements the new information and digital technologies to increase profits for companies doing the electronic business.

Stage 4. Working with objections

Ability to work with objections is another thing that has been successfully applied to any trade. The seller determines what objections he can hear from the buyer and prepare answers to them in advance. In fact, he must neutralize all his fears and doubts, persuading a person to buy a product or service.

It is better to do it gently and subtly, although in some cases aggressive methods will be productive.

In modern marketing, persuasion is based on indirect methods. Having made a purchase, the buyer believes that it was his conscious choice, in fact — the acquisition was the result of a complex psycho-emotional process, which was led by the seller.

Step 5. Closing the deal

The success of the seller and the marketing system in whole is determined by the number of closed deals. This is the main indicator of effectiveness.

In the sales funnel model, the number of contracts (purchases) is the lowest value and it is the most indicative.

Step 6. Analysis of results

The higher the ratio of the number of purchases to the number of offers, the more productive is the work of the seller, site or store. You can analyze the results at any stage of the funnel. Ideally, there should be no sharp jumps in the indicators.

A number of participants in the chain: offers — cold contacts — interested people — contacting customers — buyers, of course, decrease as each new stage but the result must necessarily demonstrate the overall conversion rate of the funnel.

Step 7: Increasing the conversion

To increase the conversion, that is, to make the real buyers of interested buyers, is possible in many ways. The following options affect the purchase:

  • offers for free delivery of goods;
  • adding a selected product from the catalog to the shopping cart;
  • communication with an online consultant;
  • personalization (clarification of the client’s personal data and referring specifically to him);
  • providing support via chat or a call while making a deal.

What to keep in mind choosing a sales funnel tool ?

There is a number of programs and services that allow you to build the sales funnel as accurately as possible and then analyze it using statistics and reports. Do not ignore such services, because manually you will never exactly determine:

  • stages where you lose the most visitors;
  • groups of visitors which you need to pay attention and start working with them more intensively;
  • a probability of making a purchase under different conditions;
  • unnecessary steps in the whole process of the sales funnel, which confuse visitors or complicate the decision to purchase.

When employees work with special funnel programs, they fill in the data for each specific deal. Due to this, all the stages are carried out automatically. Necessarily, the application fixes the sources that provided the information about the company to the customer. Separately, it creates a list of those who participated in the deals. Finally, it pays attention not only to demand but also to the satisfaction. Such an analysis makes it easier for the seller to assess the activities.

When you choose a tool or a service, please keep in mind the following:

  1. user-friendly interface that allows accessing the information as quickly as possible;
  2. the ability to generate analytics of various components;
  3. group work with the knowledge base and data storage — you can choose them in a single click;
  4. ability to use advanced functionality;
  5. the role interface supporting different groups of users;
  6. quick start, which requires a minimum investment in the IT infrastructure changes.

Best automated marketing and sales funnel software systems for small business

Now it is time to review 7 best tools to automate the sales funnels software for your business. Make sure to try one of them.

1. ClickFunnels Automated Sales Funnel Creator  

ClickFunnels Automated Sales Funnel Creator
ClickFunnels Software to Automate Your Sales

It considered the best service for those who never created the sales funnel before. It has a very clear interface and provides more than 40 templates, as well as 9 effective sales funnels. You just choose what goal you are going to achieve and system helps you to create an effective funnel step by step. What types of funnels can you create on the platform?

  • Sales pages to sell any goods.
  • Lead pages.
  • Webinar promotions.
  • Online course sales funnel.
  • Product launch campaign.
  • Membership platforms.
  • Network marketing funnel.
  • Fishbowl funnel which is the ideal solution for local marketing.

Each created funnel includes a lot of automated tools and allows sending emails, generate ads, promote videos, campaigns and many more. All that will help your business to attract a lot of new sellers.

The service has two payment plans: quite limited for $97 and unlimited for $297 per months. Additionally, you get first two weeks as a trial period.

2. Leadpages Funnel Creation Software

 Great tool for all-in-one sales funnel software
Leadpages is a simple drag and drop landing page building tool

First of all, this service is well known for its lead page generator. But in fact, it provides a lot of features that help any business owner to create and run the sales funnel. Maybe the tools are not so well systematized as with Clickfunnels but you get all the necessary for building your effective sales funnel.

Leadpages offers a very intuitive interface and dozens of ready-made templates to create landings, upsell, launch, thank you, 404 pages, and many more. You will be able to add a lot of different elements like countdown timer, videos, ads, etc.

What additional tools do you get?

  • Integration with third-party services including email lists, webinar platforms, CRM, sales and marketing applications — totally, more than 40 platforms.
  • Detailed reports and analytics, as well as effective tests — you are able to control all landing pages simultaneously or one-by-one.
  • Offline text messages and quick sign-up links.

There are three plans available: Standard ($25/mo), Pro ($48/mo), and Advanced ($199/mo). The more expensive plan, the more tools you get.

3. TraceMyLead Cloud-Based Sale & Appointment Scheduling softwae


Designed to enhance the sale business processes
Designed to enhance the sale business processes

If you are looking for a solution to prevent customers loss, TraceMyLead is a great offer. The developers promise that with their product, you will be able to fully control your sales funnel and get a lot of new buyers whom you will not lose. You just have to be attentive.

What can you do with the service?

  • Control all leads and landing pages.
  • Plan the appointments, control the schedule.
  • Completely automate the marketing processes of your business.
  • Manage the field projects.
  • Analyze, optimize, and control the upsells and sales.
  • Provide the best customer service for your buyers.

There are 5 plans available to subscribe:

  • Bronze — $50 per month
  • Silver — $90 per month
  • Gold — $180 per month
  • Platinum — $350 per month
  • Enterprise — $450 per month

Basic features are available even in the bronze plan. You are able to select the plan according to your needs and budget.

4. FunnelDash Dynamic Lead Magnets for Marketing Sales Funnel System

FunnelDash Instant Audit Tool
Deliver dynamic lead magnets with our 1 click instant

The tool is especially effective if you run Facebook ads campaign. Of course, it will be useful in many other situations. It helps to measure how your sales funnel works and identify all weak places which must be improved. Also, it helps to find out the real Click Per Value and Cost Per Acquisition. With FunnelDash, you will be able to control your budget very effectively.

The service offers Basic, Pro, and Agency subscriptions. They cost $999 per year ($99 per month), $2999 per year ($299 per month), and $11,999 per year respectively. The basic plan is quite limited but will be enough for a small business.

5. HotJar All-in-one Analytics & Feedback Tools for Marketing and Sales Funnel System

Hotjar All-in-one Analytics & Feedback Tools
Hotjar All-in-one Analytics & Feedback Tools

HotJar is an online service for website analytics and feedback accumulation. It is designed to help you understand the needs of visitors and increase the conversion. The system is suitable for UX and UI designers, developers, managers, analysts, marketers, etc.

HotJar features:

  • Click-through cards.
  • Tracking the visitors’ behavior.
  • Conversion Funnels.
  • Forms analysis.
  • Feedback.
  • Polls.
  • Proactive chat.
  • Compare clicks.
  • Creating an FAQ based on responses.
  • Work on forms for generating leads.
  • View the reactions of visitors to the content length.
  • Direct chat with visitors.
  • A/B tests.
  • Determine whether to delete, move or modify content.
  • Analysis of traffic sources.
  • Tips for improving UX, including different screen resolutions.
  • Recruiting testers.

The company provides a number of personal, business, and agency plans:

  • personal — limited forever-free plan, and €29/month Plus plan;
  • business — €89—€989/month depending on the number of page views per day;
  • agency — contact the support team — depends on the number of clients.

6. Active Campaign Email Marketing for Sales Funnel

This is a platform, an online service that offers a complete solution: email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM system, all in one place.

It is sometimes compared to email marketing services, then to marketing automation services. If you compare with the first — it’s like comparing apples with tomatoes. Because the capabilities of Active Campaign far exceed the functionality of the classic email newsletter service.

If you compare with the marketing automation services, then having the main functions, the is much cheaper than the famous services from the TOP-10. As a result, we have a service for small companies that provide a very competitive and up-to-date set that will satisfy the demands of the marketing department of a small company. Additionally, you get an embedded CRM system and ready integration with other widespread online services. With Active Campaign, you can do drip marketing and Lead Nurturing which becomes a trend.

Its prices vary depending on the number of contacts and start from $17 per month if you have 1000 contacts.

7. LeadBoxer Lead & Customer Data Platform for Funnel Building Software

This is one of the best tools for managing the sales funnels and marketing automation. The tool is fully featured and offers a lot of capabilities:

  • tracking, identifying, and scoring the leads and companies;
  • analyzing the upsell conversions and sales buildings;
  • control over the customer’s loss;
  • improving the service for a client;
  • creating the campaigns, lead lists, and sales funnels.

The pricing depends on many factors and starts from $25 per month. It is really not much, so the service will be affordable even for small companies.


Sales Funnel Builder Software Conclusion


We found out how to build a sales funnel and what services are the best to automate the process. Which one you think is the best for you?

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