7 High Killer Converting Squeeze Page Creators 2018 for Sale Funnel

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If you are contemplating of taking on others especially your competitors on the digital marketing platform, you would need to have a good squeeze or landing page.

The competition on the online platform is quite aggressive and if you put your guard down you could be groveling at the bottom of the ladder.

To take a head start and be in front you need not be a professional web developer, computer science graduate or a professional designer as there are ample landing pages that you could get your hands on.

The famous and renowned artist Pablo Picasso once said “Good artists copy but great artists steal”, so on those lines, you could steal the best landing or squeeze page from the internet.

You have nothing to worry about doing so, as you would not be hauled before the law as you would have to pay for what you steal which would have a 14 day to 30 day trial period.

So check out from the list below which landing page would suit your type of business and also whether it would be affordable to you.

The primary objective is the lead generation which would bring you customers and who in turn would bring in the revenue and we know what would happen if the revenue does not flow through.

So it is imperative that you have a responsive landing page which would deliver positive results.


1. Leadpages

capture qualified leads
Leadpages claim capture qualified leads and convert customers by easily building beautiful landing pages

This is a flexible, advantages galore, result oriented and powerful landing page for the beginners, intermediate or advanced marketers who would look to make a mark on the digital platform.

The squeeze or landing page comes with a 14 Day Free trial period, which provides the right impetus to try it out and see whether it would work for you and if it does how good it would be.

Once you have selected this you could either pat monthly, annually or biennially whichever you would choose to be convenient to you.

There are more than 350 different templates or landing page designs that you are at liberty to choose from at prices beginning at US $ 25/- per month.


2. Instapage

Own your post-click experience and maximize your conversion rates with Instapage, the most powerful landing page platform for marketing teams and agencies.

Ideal for beginners and intermediate marketers and carries the compliment from those who are in the business and know their landing pages, as the best in the business.

A convenient 14 Day Free trial period would give you flexibility to use it and be contented with the idea that it is indeed the best as it is accepted to be.

The drag and drop superlative editor mode allows you to construct your squeeze or landing page in just a few minutes and does not need any elaborate knowledge on the subject.

There is a fairly decent selection of templates or landing pages to choose from which begins at prices of US $ 68/- per month.

3. Get Response

All-in-one Online Marketing
Getresponse Claim All-in-one Online Marketing

This is for all those across the spectrum from beginners to intermediates and advanced marketers who would be able to take full advantage of this superlative and progressive landing page.

The drag and drop interface facility enables easy use and is compatible with other sales and marketing platforms that you would use ensuring flexibility in use.

The 30 day trial period is advantages to ensure whether you would be comfortable with the landing page and how it would perform for you.

The either monthly or annually payable fee for the template would begin an incredible US & 15/- which is a steal.


4. PageWiz

High Converting Landing Pages
Creating High Converting Landing Pages Has Never Been Easier with Pagewiz

Designed to suit either, beginners, intermediates or advanced marketers who would be seeking to funnel the maximum number of leads to get their business off the ground.

Offers A/B testing and analytical feedbacks with drag, drop with a host of different templates of superlative landing pages.

The impressive 30 Day Free trial period is something to take a serious look at this and a user-friendly platform it would suit anyone’s palate.

The prices begin at US $ 29/- per month which could be paid either monthly, biannually or annually.



Image result for Hubspot squeeze page screenshot

This landing page is also for beginners, intermediates and advanced marketers who would want to take the might of the digital marketing platform.

You could create your landing page in a few minutes selecting and designing one to suit you employing the drag and drop facility.

This offers more advantages and hence could be on the higher price segment due to the multitude of superlative features.

The 30 Day Free trial is very attractive and advantageous to ensure you get a hang about your landing page before you start to pay out.

Prices begin at US $ 200/- per month which would be billed annually and payable monthly which is convenient.


6. Click Funnels

Image result for Click Funnels squeeze page screenshot

You could be a marketer who is learning the ropes as a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced professional this landing page could help you in your quest to master the digital marketing platform.

A good value for money squeeze page which has a 14 Day Free trial period before you could decide to continue or not, with no questions asked.

It is also compatible with other sales and marketing platforms ensuring your marketing operations proceed smoothly without any disturbance.

The prices would begin at US $ 97/- per month, which offers flexibility and convenience to have a high performing landing page with you.



Image result for Wishpond squeeze page screenshot

This is ideal for beginners and intermediates who want to know their way around on the complex digital marketing platform before they take the plunge.

All marketing endeavors across the spectrum would be handled with advertising management, email marketing, contest and event management and promotions all converging on lead generation.

The 14 Day Free trial gives the impetus to go for this and check it out for performance and response as it is billed as one of the best landing pages to have your website on the forefront.

The pricing begins at US $ 49/- per month which would need to be paid monthly but billed annually.