7 AdEspresso Alternatives for Optimization Tool for Conversion on Facebook Ads Management

Adpresso alternative

An incredible 2.2 billion monthly active users worldwide, is what the world’s most popular social media platform, FaceBook offers those who would care to advertise on it.

Getting through to such a gigantic market segment which would have a good mix of all types of potential customers would be like throwing the line in a big ocean and waiting for a catch.

The only difference with fishing in the FaceBook ocean is that once you are on it the chances of customers interacting and engaging with you is greater than you throwing a line in the ocean.

This exposure comes when these active users interact with others wherever they may and ads start appearing on the pages that they interact on.

If any ad draws their attention it is very likely that they would interact and engage and with 2.2 billion users being on their FaceBook platform every month that is some ocean that you are fishing in.

The advertising platforms that you would choose to advertise would provide you with detailed information as to how your ad is performing.

The information and feedback made available to you about your specific ad would be manifold enabling you to assimilate, filter and act upon to your benefit.

The abundance of information and feedback that you would receive would enable you to monitor and rectify, adjust and improve on what you are doing.

Adespresso, is one such platform that facilitated ads on FaceBook and advertisers were able to bring their products and services on the world’s most popular social media platform.

Adespresso was the leading ad management platform on FaceBook but eventually, others moved in seeing the lucrative earnings that were possible by helping others to place their ads on the FaceBook platform.

Adespresso was recently acquired by Hootsuite Media Inc, a Canadian based social media management platform with about 15 million users worldwide.

Alongside Adespresso there are many others who have made improvements to their platforms and are now forced to reckon with in the FaceBook, ad management platform.

We take a look at some of them as an alternative to Adespresso, check them out below:

1. Syncleads Facebook Lead Ads Email Notification 

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This a very versatile ad management platform which would transfer leads instantaneously to multiple autoresponders, to webinar platforms, and to every membership software programs.

The Syncleads platform would also offer a lifetime license to use one FaceBook ad account for the affordable US $ 37/-.

Agencies could also opt to acquire a lifetime license for a meager US & 47/-.

The platform also offers incredible leads saving costs and the functionality of building business and improving digital marketing strategies.


2. Driftrock Lead Gen That Converts


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Driftrock, backs up claims by superlative performance as a reliable ad management platform by adding and deleting customers from your initial CRM list.

This would ensure that you have a very active CRM list with only those regularly interacting and engaging with you.

The list would be updated automatically every three hours and would employ integration with other platforms such as MailChimp, intercom, Infusionsoft, Sparkroom etc.

It would also generate, manage and convert leads originating on FaceBook, and keep your CRM list updated at all times.

The pricing begins at US $ 135/- per month but could be an issue for smaller advertisers as there is an additional fee of 5% of lead campaigns, with a minimum set at US $ 250/-.

It works closely with other popular platforms and delivers on its promises but could be beyond the means of many smaller players.


3. Leadsync Email Notifications for Facebook Lead Ads


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This helps you to synchronize with FaceBook Lead Ads in real time with many platforms such as MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Aweber etc, including email marketing initiatives with Free notifications.

Continuous updates of all activities when customers engage and feedbacks provided with an affordable price of US $ 99/- per month.

Includes also one page, one address Free offer but is limited to one form with one FaceBook account.


4. Zapier Facebook Integrations  


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It enables you to synchronize FaceBook lead Ads with the CRM list and automate tasks between web apps.

Automatically shifts web apps to maintain efficiency, whilst you connect with the FaceBook ads account and would provide efficient personal automation.

Convenient automation and well supported on the CRM platform and is quick with responses and could perform multitasks.

Free in limited use but if advanced begins at US $ 20/- per month


5. Leadsbridge Lead Generation Platform

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All FaceBook lead Ad campaigns are synchronized with the CRM list, and Autoresponder permitting quick access to them avoiding wasting time with CSV files.

Advanced email marketing strategies, integrating simultaneously with about 40 on the CRM list.

It connects with FaceBook Lead Ads, and your CRM or Autoresponder for effective responses and feedbacks with instantaneous interactions possible.

A 7 day trial on payment is offered with a fee of US $ 29/- to US $ 99/- per month depending on use with the yearly fee.

Very safe marketing automation where FaceBook Lead Ads campaigns are managed efficiently with customers receiving offers instantly.


6. Connectleads  Sync Lead Ads into Autoresponder


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Facilitates an easy to use system building subscriber and CRM lists to effectively manage and engage with them on the FaceBook Lead Ad platform.

Easy to manage without the need to outsource any part of a marketing campaign as no special aptitude in technology is needed as it works on very basic principles.

Affordable at a fee of just US $ 47/- per month with the attractive US $ 197/- an annual fee which could be extended to a lifetime fee of just US $ 297/-.


7. Leads Tunnel Facebook Leads Ad system Autoresponder


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This is a cloud-based software, that is efficient and easy to use, with the FaceBook Lead Ads platform to facilitate positive responses from customers instigating them to interact.

This software is comfortable on your Autoresponder, CRM and Webinar platform enabling integration with a maximum of 21 Autoresponders.

Provides an Opt-in rate of 100%, with a no worry and easy to operate facilitation.

It has a one-time payment of US $ 37/-.