13 Tactic for Sass Landing Page That Made More Conversion

Sass Landing Page Tactic


After painstakingly designing and developing your website it would be time to test the waters, so you may need to place it before the public.

Your primary objective would be to ensure that when visitors end up on your landing page they stick on it longer and when they do so you present them positive and adequate information.

This would help you to create the right environment for them to form being more visitors to real customers who would engage with you.

To ensure there would be a positive outcome you would need to focus on your landing page to ensure it has what it takes to initiate a positive response by a conversion.

There are many factors which would help you achieve success hence designing the ideal landing page with the right mix is what is required.

It is only when you get the right mix that your website would deliver what you would envisage for which landing page best practices coupled with optimization that would deliver results.


1. A simple, prominent, Call to Action (CTA) button


Right Hook Call to Action

You have just a few seconds or even less to ensure that a visitor converts to become a customer.

Place a simple and prominent CTA, for them to jolt into action.


2. Use your real-time photos

Use photos from your own workplace and preferably your own staff. This would give you an edge over photos that you have sourced on the internet.


3. Text that would immediately impress

surprised you customer

Create positive text that would impress the visitor when he just glances through your landing page.

The visitor should be impressed by what he sees in the first few seconds or would move away.

The message with the least possible words would be what you should be aiming at and ensure that once the visitor reads it that one takes the next step.


4. Perfect grammar

Ensure that your grammar is perfect and impress your visitor with the fact that your website has experienced people behind it.

A group of people who take serious concern of everything including writing a flawless grammar, with the overall quality of the site at optimum levels, on all scores.


5. A headline that would tickle the interest



The headline should be impressive to deliver a message with the least possible words, this should sink onto the visitor’s mind in that split second moment.

The better the headline the more likely that you would get the attention of your visitor and once you have achieved the first step the rest could be easier.


6. Stick to maximum conversion parameters


Maximize Conversion


You should know of everything that would induce a conversion of which there is enough said over the years.

Know them all well and ensure you are within all those parameters to create the conversion when the visitor is on your landing page.

Draw up your parameters and stick to them so that you are aware of what is required of you and what the visitor would want to see.

Cater only to what is required and don’t overdo anything as the bare minimum would prevail.


7. Place a reward to jolt them into action

Reward Them

Visitors onto a site and for that, every customer is impressed and moved by rewards even if they could easily afford what is offered.

Human nature is when you see a reward the impulse is to grab it so offer something that would jolt your visitor into action instantaneously.


8. Create, nurture and establish trust


Trust From Your Customer

Trust is a key element in any business and even though you may not see your visitor he would have been on your site earlier.

Don’t let him doubt your credibility, but have him know that you have created, nurtured and would like to establish trust at all times.


9. Minimum links

Less Link on Landing Page

Get everything that you would want to appraise your visitor as soon as he lands on your page, and if you want to show another aspect or link keep it to the bare minimum.

Don’t pack your website with too many other links because visitors would not be impressed either would they keep changing from site to site.

Keep to the bare minimum and if you could avoid doing so, don’t let the visitor think that this is a waste of time and move on elsewhere.


10. Important things at first glance



It is said that what you see in the first few seconds is what impresses you and the same goes for your website too.

Get everything in onto the first glance when your visitor lands on your page, that split second is very crucial and ensure you have enough to show and impress.

We know that t is the first impressions that count hence try to make the best of the visitors first glance as effective as possible.


11. Colors are impressive, use them effectively


Colors play a major role in our lives

Colors play a major role in our lives hence impressing your visitor with attractive and soothing colors would hold his attention for a few seconds more than it would otherwise.

Those moments are very important as you have made that initial breakthrough stick to it to enable the visitor to stray longer.

Some animals are colorblind but we do not hence show colors in all its flamboyance if you are to bear down the site on the visitor.


12. Work on Search Engine Optimization

SEO Your Landing Page

Work on the search engine optimization angle too vigorously as you would need to bring those visitors to your website in the first instance.

It is only if your SEO is effective that visitors would land on your page, hence keep it that way so that you have created the right environment.


13. Be Attentive

Find out everything that is happening around you and be aware of the competitive activity and ensure that all is under control.

To do so you would need to know how others are faring and what they are up to so that you could also learn from your mistakes to rectify them.