7 Convertkit Alternatives For Professional Automation Drip Email Marketing

Automated email drip marketing

Email marketing has been in the forefront on the digital marketing platform and this would be rightly so if you see the statistics which do not lie.

There are about 2.2 billion active monthly users on FaceBook and about 350 million active users of Twitter too worldwide.

Statistics stun the findings where it is recorded that there are two times more email accounts than both FaceBook and Twitter put together.

This enlightens us as what powerful medium email marketing is and in the right hands, it would be a very formidable weapon to market any product or service.

Email marketing automation tools were employed extensively by marketing professionals to get their marketing messages across but the buck stopped there.

Marketers did not have a feedback on what their emails were doing in the marketplace as there was no effective feedback, once the email let the initiators desk.

The effectiveness and the envisaged responses from the potential customer were not forthcoming hence it was just a case of groping in the dark.

Emails were cost effective as it cost next to nothing to plan, initiate and execute a campaign but then it was a case of gazing at the crystal ball for a response.

Most of the received emails wouldn’t come in the form of a direct response from the recipient hence there was no record as to where the customer would have engaged.

If there was a “Call to Action” (CTA) in the email and the customer engaged there would be a record but not otherwise.

This anomaly changed somewhat with the ConvertKit platform, an email marketing automation platform where it was possible to monitor every email sent and the feedback was quite comprehensive.

The feedback was used to change the course of the email marketing campaign by either improving on it, deleting it, changing it or redefining it.

Whatever was done it was based on the feedback that was received which was quite comprehensive and helped the marketers to better strategize their efforts.

Though ConvertKit got their act together there were some discrepancies and price factor issues which created the right environment for other email marketing automation platforms to offer alternatives.

The following could be some of the alternatives to effective email marketing automation tools in comparison to ConvertKit:


1. Mailchimp Marketing Automation


Image result for Mailchimp screenshot

Website activity and inactivity if there is any, coupled with abandoned carts could be sent emails, from this very versatile app.

The subscriber’s options asked for could be monitored and appropriate responses sent through this efficient email marketing automation app.

A thorough feedback would be forthcoming from every subscriber enabling better strategies to be employed to meet the email marketing objectives.

2. Active Campaign Powerful Automations


Image result for Active Campaign screenshot

Creating effective drip emails is what this app is efficient at with a progressive drive to build an effective CRM list.

This email marketing automation app would assimilate every available detail of those on the CRM list including behavioral history, interests, interaction, location and more.

Campaigns would be extensively monitored and corrective action taken to initiate improvements and more effective strategies.

3. GetResponse Email Marketing Platform.



There should or should not be a predetermined email campaign is always a troubling question which many digital marketers are unable to answer.

Human behavior is what would determine that, which is effectively managed by this email marketing automation app.

A comprehensive calendar to pinpoint the effectiveness of the time emails would be sent to the respective customers and how best to interact would be advised.


4. Infusionsoft Visual and Powerful Automations Email Marketing Solution


Image result for Infusionsoft screenshot


A standardized and automated drip email campaign with a multitude of predetermined tasks which would have a strategized effect.

The “My Day” advantage would also provide you updates on events planned and with selective endeavors shown up front to manage, with feedback effectively managed.

A very effective platform if you could target the customers on your CRM list.

5. AWeber Autoresponders & Email Sequence


Aweber Email Marketing

All old and new subscribers on your CRM list would be effectively managed and targeted to ensure the message is brought on loud and clear.

Subscribers on the CRM list would be categorized and through effective email marketing automation, new strategies could be developed to meet any flaws, once they are identified.

New emails could be initiated when the responses are known and that is precisely what this app does and provides up to date information.

6. SendLoop Marketing Automation & Email Marketing



This email marketing automation app has the ability to target the right customers and for one thing there would be less blind calls.

The success rate would need to be increased if your email marketing campaign is to be effective and this drip email initiative would ensure that it does.

Specific email subscribers could be selectively targeted to ensure better effectiveness when an email marketing campaign is on the blocks.