9 Effective Conversion Mobile Responsive Landing Page Template Library Examples 2018

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If you are browsing the internet and you end up on a page which has highlighted words such as “Pre-order”, “Register”, “Act Now”, “Buy Now”, “Sign Up” etc, you are on a landing page.

On the alternative, if you want to create a website and want to increase conversions from those visitors on your page, then these are the highlighted words that you will have to use to ensure they engage with you.

The website would have to provide optimum, but relevant information to entice the visitor to click on the above “Call to Action” or CTA and engage with the company behind the website.

That is easily said than done because the competition is high and you would need to ensure that the visitor is provided with the right information at the right time to opt him to engage.

The most important and imperative function would be to get you website to his attention and what better way than on his smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device

It is researched that internet users spend more time on their mobile devices than at desktop workstations especially browsing for products and services that they would need.

We look at nine  of the best landing page apps especially for mobile devices and they are all made available to be downloaded FREE!

They are all Templates built with Bootstrap Frontend Framework 2018 hence are the latest kids on the block if it is well designed Landing Pages for Mobiles, you need.

1. MobApp Mobile Responsive Landing Page

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This is a high-end Retina/HIDPI ready 100% responsive HTML template which provides a superlative layout on any mobile screen, whilst adjusting to desktops too.

The page comes up on the screen in a perfect crystal clear picture and is easy to tip the visitor to engage with you as information is short, precise and informative.

2. BBS Responsive Landing Page Design

Image result for BBS landing page template

A very user-friendly landing page that is ideal for those who are trying to update their websites or small businesses trying to get a hang of all this digital marketing jargon.

You could either take as it is or make the necessary changes so that it adapts to your specific business requirements to fit like a hand into glove, this is what makes it so easy to download.


3. Ca App Product Landing Page

Image result for Ca App Landing landing page template

Specially designed for Android and iOS, this is one app that has a very versatile forbearing able to provide effective responses from visitors with an effective Call to Action (CTA).

This landing page template exudes a very powerful design but could also be customized to suit individual and specific requirements to ensure adequate information is relayed to the visitor.

Once you have created this progressive landing page template it is to simply relax and observe how it behaves and if responses are average the ability to increase is in design.


4. Dup Responsive Landing Page

Image result for Dup Landing landing page template

This superlative and impressive landing page template is designed to keep visitors in awe those few seconds they would land and stay on it compelling some positive action.

It is also very simple with no clutter of words and the information provided could be kept to the minimum with precise incentives to engage by clicking to engage on the CTA.

Every website worth its salt would try to entice visitors to engage with them as fast as possible as the time in-between is very short, this landing page app does it quite well.


5. Bobsled High Conversion Landing Page

Image result for Bobsled' landing page template

This impressive landing page template adjusts diligently onto the screen of any visitor immediately making him comfortable to gather the information provided which is clear and precise.

You could pick up the emails of visitors which also provide a contact form which is CTA at its best enabling an immediate response as everything is clear and precise on the screen.

You are sure to get all that you would want your website to project to all visitors especially those who are potential and would engage with you.

6. Go Crepe Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

Image result for Go Crepe landing page template

This is one of the best to project your character as it is fun-filled, modern and elegant with just what those who want their browsing to be when searching for something they would need.

It is also kept as simple as possible with the possibility of displaying logos and other such information which would project a transparent landing page bringing visitors closer to it.

This could adjust between any industries proving its versatility in design concept and the user-friendly advantages would ensure higher lead generations.


7. Dinomuz High Performing Mobile Landing Pages

Image result for Dinomuz landing page template

This comes brightly on any screen especially on the new smartphones with a splash of colors in the high resolution providing that extra impetus to visitors to go for the CTA button.

The ability to grab emails of visitors and has an effect on all those who would land on your page with the sheer power it has with the use of superlative design in a balanced selection of text.


8. Massive Product Landing Page

Image result for Massive landing page template

This is the landing page template that would give you a modernistic and innovative stepping stone if you are about to launch a new website of want to upgrade your present one.

This is designed to create the right environment which would entice the visitor to engage with the right Call to Action (CTA) initiative supported by clear text and picture perfect images.

The name suggests just exactly what it would do to boost your website by creating a massive response once you have installed and let your website behave on the internet.

9. Glint a Perfect Landing Page

Image result for Glint landing page template

Very easy to download and install this specially designed superlative landing page which is Retina/HIDPI ready and 100% responsive in an HTML template providing excellent and positive returns.

The imaginative and colorful portfolio displayed would keep visitors in awe and permit them to gather precise information in the picture perfect high-resolution presentation.

Your landing page template once installed should bring you results which would keep your website at peak levels of exposure at all times with good lead generation.