7 Killer Squeeze Page & Automated Sales Funnel Creator – Get 10X Result for Opt-ins Email Marketing


There are different words being used for the same thing on the digital marketing platform like everything else in life that we come across.

We refer to “landing pages” where visitors come onto our website, which is generally where we have sufficient information for his to assimilate what we offer is also called squeeze pages.

The objective of either landing pages or squeeze pages is to draw the attention of the visitor to our business and entice him to engage with us by leaving his email for us to respond to him.

Once we have engaged with the visitor we could follow up and use other marketing strategies to sell our product or service.

This is the value which we as digital marketing professionals, attach to landing pages and what they would do to improve on our lead generation and increase our business.

To get this right and create an effective squeeze page you would need to have the most compelling landing page built to ensure that the few seconds that you have your visitor’s attention, he engages.

You need not go through an elaborate process to create a landing page and spend a fortune on it as there are ample apps where you could download and pronto, have the solution.

We have picked up the SEVEN  best landing page software apps which you could install on your website and be on your way with an affordable landing page, in a few minutes.

You need not be either a digital marketing professional or information technology expert to get this done as it as easy and very simple to understand.

Using these landing pages apps without any coding experience would provide you a better insight into how best to use the tools available on the internet to create the most effective sales funnel in your business.

You are able to integrate them with your email auto-responder and ensure you create the perfect and harmonious elements to bring more visitor conversions.

#1. Instapage

Instapage Effective Squeeze Pages Builder



  • Easily understandable page design
  • Templates are 100% customizable
  • Large widget and integrated library


A very impressive landing page which allows for designing a beautiful user-friendly page that would create unlimited lead generations, propelling your business to greater heights.

It has more data and with a 1,000,000 pages being tracked also boats of a 25% conversion rate the best in the business.

It is 100% responsive to mobiles, with a 100% drag and drops advantage attached to it with very good integration with other platforms.

Priced between – US $ 29/- & US & 127


#2. Click Funnels

Clickfunnels Sale & Landing Page Creator


Image result for click funnels website

  • Funnel templates in the dozens
  • Integration list for email/cart
  • A FREE trial of 14 days

A landing page platform which would be comfortable with any type of business and would deliver some great results as it a fully fledged app geared to funnel positive response from visitors.

Could replace most of your outdated marketing software and create a new generation platform where you could perform a host of operations.

It has the ability to build any complicated sales funnel to interact with email subscribers and even automate webinars.

Priced between – US $ 97/- & US $ 297/-


#3. LeadPages

Leadpages Automated Sales Funnel Creator

Image result for lead pages website

  • More than 350 templates
  • Social media integration
  • A large set of advantages

This would enable you to select from hundreds of templates till you get the right one that would be appropriate to your type of business.

This may be the most popular landing page in the Universe as it has been the main focus for many businesses which has increased their lead generation substantially.

Priced between – US $ 70/- & US $ 550/-

#4. PageWiz

Pagewiz opt-in Page creator

Image result for pagewiz website

  • FREE trial of 30 days
  • Statistics in real time
  • Integration with API

This is a very user-friendly landing page app which could be just the one that you would have wanted as it has all the required trappings to create positive lead generations.

It could be set up fast without much of a hassle and it is presently employed by some of the biggest brands in the world such as Avis, Philips and Chevrolet, who have all reaped positive results.

Priced between – US 29/- & US $ 199/-


#5. Wishpond

Wishpond Squeeze Page Builder

Image result for wishpond website

  • More than 100 templates
  • Interface very simple
  • Plugin WordPress

This is very flexible in use and is very popular for its ability to design and build attractive landing pages which would be the cornerstone to attract those visitors who would land on your page.

Whatever the type of your business it is a very comfortable user-friendly experience, to select, create and use any of the more than 100 landing page templates available.

Priced between – US $ 10/- & US $ 80/-

#6. Get Response

GetResponse Autoresponders & Landing Page Creator

Image result for getresponse website

  • More than 100 templates
  • Sub-domain hosting is FREE
  • A/B split testing

This is one of the best available email marketing software designed to seek and build relationships, whilst generating leads and engaging with a multitude of customers for mutual benefits.

This versatile landing page boasts of a 24×7 customer response ability to ensure that none of the visitors are disappointed when they decide to engage with you.

Efficient email delivery system with a good reporting and response time, which would ensure any planned and executed campaigns, would run smoothly without any issues.

Price between – US $ 15/- & US $ 799/-

#7. Marketizator

Marketizator  Landing Pages, Webinars, Web Forms

Image result for marketizator website

  • Visual page editor with A/B test
  • Personalized segmentation
  • Reports are advanced

This enables you to dramatically increase your landing page conversion rates whatever your business may be and is strategically geared to create interest in visitors who land on your page.

Electronic giant Samsung increased their revenue by 26% by utilizing a simple split testing advantage that is built into this landing page app.

Your landing page would be transformed from a run of the mill page to an active and vibrant one helping to increase lead generation and positive conversions.

Price between – US $ 55/- & US $ 1,000/-